I am a creative professional designer focused on visually bringing to life unique ideas. Working as a concept artist for both the animation and the video game industries, I had the chance to work on projects such as the How to train your Dragon movies, The Croods, and franchises such as Astroboy and Sonic the Hedgehog. My other clients include Paramount animation, Skydance animation, Netflix animation, Sega.
I have experience working in the development phase of a project as well as the production phase and I am always excited to build or explore new worlds with passionate people. If you are looking for an imaginative and experienced concept artist for your project do not hesitate to contact me.
I'm also an experienced event speaker and had the chance to talk at international conventions such as IAMag or the White Conference. I also regularely  animate workshops and seminars in different schools, both on site and remotely.

I graduated with honors from ESAG Penninghen with a Masters degree in Graphic design and Ecole du Louvre (Archaeology major) with a Bachelor's degree.
Full resume available on Linkedin

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