14 thoughts on “Free tutorial on CGMA !

  1. Hi Nicolas,
    Fist I want to thank you for the free workshop.
    Is the video available for limited time?
    I was watching it yesterday but haven’t finished it so i want to continue today, but it’s not available anymore, or the video doesn’t load? On the page it’s just a black box where the video supposed to be but no video.

    • Hey Meg,

      I just wrote to CGMA to ask them about your issue, I will let you know as soon as I have more information. I really appreciate that you told me about it, thanks a lot !

    • Hey Meg,

      You have three weeks to wathc the video, so it seems there is a problem. The good people of CGMA asked me to tell you to contact them at info@cgmwonline.com so that they can identify your problem and help you.

      • Hi Nicolas,
        Thanks for the reply. Just got time to check the website again and the video is working fine now.
        Really thank you & CGMA for the workshop. I always adore your sketches!

  2. Hi Nicholas,

    I just finished watching your workshop and wanted to thank you so much for for generosity and the great insight into your technique and process.

    Many thanks,


  3. Nicolas, I am now a huge fan of your work. Just watched your tutorial with great interest on CGMA. Thank you so much for your generous insights. I learned a lot. I hope to see more of your tutorials because I love your work. I also have been enjoying the reference materials on your blog. All the best!

    • Hey Tanya,

      You are WAY too kind, thank you ! I am glad you also like the reference materials I put here, I don’t usually have a lot of feedback about it. Make sure to check the Facebook page too, I sometimes post similar stuff there.
      All the best !

      • « I’ll try to install a mobile camera above my drawing table, as soon as this is done I will speak here on the Facebook page. Thank you for your interest in my work! »

        –I too would love to see more of your techniques, and installing a camera above your work space would be super cool.

  4. Merci beaucoup pour ce workshop, c’est vraiment intéressant et motivant ! 🙂
    La partie au crayon notamment est superbe. D’ailleurs ce serait génial d’en voir d’autres (payants bien sûr :)) pour voir comment tu utilises tes références ou comment tu traites d’autres types de sujets/matériaux comme de la pierre, des os..etc

    Et je suis bien d’accord avec le commentaire au-dessus les photos sont magnifiques, merci pour l’inspiration 🙂

    • Je vais essayer d’installer une camera mobile au dessus de ma table a dessin, des que c’est fait j’en parlerai ici et sur la page Facebook. Merci de ton interet pour mon travail !

    • I can’t, I owe them my whole career, I would be scared you would steal my job… 😉 But I can send you my HB pencil if you want :))))

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