Croods ! <i> Croods is Tomorrow <i/>

Croods ! Croods is Tomorrow

Voici une peinture que je viens de finir pour la sortie de Croods demain ! Je publierai d’autres images sur le meme sujet dans les semaines a venir, si vous ne pouvez pas attendre, le « Art of » est disponible ici.

Here is a concept painting I just finished to celebrate the release of The Croods tomorrow. I worked on this movie for 18 months a little eternity ago and I am very excited about the release. I will publish more images in the weeks to come, if you can’t wait, you can buy the « Art of » books here. Enjoy !

3 thoughts on “Croods ! Croods is Tomorrow

    • hey Josh,

      Thanks a lot for your kind words about the movie and my work. I love your blog, I think it is really what the movie needs to take off ! One small suggestion, I tried to leave a comment on the amazing Margaret Wuller post and I could not publish it with my WordPress signature (it told me my Open ID credentials could not be verified).
      Keep blogging about the movie !

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